Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper spares

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper consumables

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper parts

Johnston Parts,Johnston Parts

Speltech are established as suppliers to many leading original equipment manufacturers in the road sweeper spares industry. Also scrubber driers, shot blasting, transmission belts, minerals processing Target Backing Curtains and many other fields, our success is built on quality, service and performance. Road sweeper spares,Road sweeper parts,Johnston parts,Suction hoses,Rubber Seals Road sweeper spares | Johnston Parts Road sweeper spares | Road Sweeper Parts | Road sweeper spares | Johnston PartsRoad Sweeper Consumables
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Speltech Part Number BEAM Part Number Product Description
HFS105814 12-105000 Sealing (Internal dimension 575 x 650)
HFH100411 10-330000 Nozzle Trunking (300 id x 1480 mm long)
HFH100441 10-300200 Nozzle Trunking (275 id x 1480 mm long)
HFH260805 10-300800 Nozzle Trunking (254 id x 1480 mm long)
HFH100481 10-300900 Hose (245 x 800)
HFC903300 01-903300 Beam 7000 Nozzle Rubber
HFC903400 01-903400 Beam 7000 Nozzle Rubber
HFC903500 01-903500 Beam 7000 Nozzle Rubber
HFC111220 35-97054-1 Beam 7000 Nozzle Rubber
  01-110553 Curtain rubber rear Nozzle Rubber (Jet Vac)
HFC110145 01-110145 Rubber Outer (Jet Vac)
HFC110147 01-110147 Rubber Inner (Jet Vac)
HFC110155   Jet Vac Nozzle Rubber Set (12 pieces)
HFC110078 01-110078 Curtain-Rubber Side Suction
HFS102400 12-102400 Rear door Seal (40 x 20 x 5440)
HFS103300 12-103300 Inlet Seal (top hat)
HFS103100 12-103100 Seal (internal dimension 280x450)
HFS040000 12-040000 Seal-Suction Motor (Round)
HFS106000 12-106000 Seal-Fan Outake (Internal dimension 240 x 480)
HFS105000 12-105000 Seal-Intake Fan (internal dimension 575 x 650)
HFS102700 12-102700 Seal-Fancase
HFS010774 12-010774 Inspection Hatch Seal
HFS103300 12-103300 Seal Intake Duct Seat
HFO922000 10-922000 Jet Vac 220mm Ducting (1.25 Metre)
HFC971821 35-97182-1 Nozzle Rubber
HFC200055 35-200055-1 Rubber Curtain Wide Sweep
HFC040032 01-040032 Rubber Chute-Small (right)
HFC040033 01-040033 Rubber Skirt-Small (left)
HFC080400 01-080400 Rubber Skirt R&L Assy
HFC050379 01-050379 Rubber
HFC000900 12-000900 Rubber Long (Channel Brush)
HFC001000 12-001000 Rubber Curtain Channel Brush (Short)
HFH066100 10-066100 Suction Hose (1 metre lengths)
HFC858700 01-858700 Skirt
HFC110144 01-110144 Rubber Rear Suction 305x125
HFC110225 01-110225 Rubber inner Rear Nozzle
HFW002900 22-002900 Wheel
HFC006600 22-006600  Rubber Rear Nozzle
HFO110142 01-110142 Rubber-Rear Suction 1195 x 125
HFO110143 01-110143 Rubber-Rear Suction 94 x 125
HFO110850 12-110850 Rubber 1777 mm
HFO110852 12-110852 Rubber

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