Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper spares

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper consumables

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper parts

Johnston Parts,Johnston Parts

Speltech are established as suppliers to many leading original equipment manufacturers in the road sweeper spares industry. Also scrubber driers, shot blasting, transmission belts, minerals processing Target Backing Curtains and many other fields, our success is built on quality, service and performance. Road sweeper spares,Road sweeper parts,Johnston parts,Suction hoses,Rubber Seals Road sweeper spares | Johnston Parts Road sweeper spares | Road Sweeper Parts | Road sweeper spares | Johnston PartsRoad Sweeper Consumables
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Speltech Part Number Ravo Part Number Description
HFR424004 4240042 Side Rubber
HFR424006 4240063 Back Rubber
HFR424007 4240073 Front Rubber
HFR4240075 4240075 MOUNTING STRIP
HFR4240065 4240065 MOUNTING STRIP
HFR4241081 4241081 MOUNTING STRIP
HFR4241151 4241151 MOUNTING STRIP
HFR4240076 4240076 metal strip front
HFR4240066 4240066 metal strip back
HFR4241161 4241161 metal strip right and left
HFR4241137 4241137 Suction mouth unlined
HFR4241138 4241138 Suction mouth with rubber
HFR5080012 5080012 suction tube unlined S. steel
HFR5080111 5080111 suction tube rubber lined S.Steel
HFR5080012 5080012 Suction tube unlined standard steel
HFR5080012R 5080012R Suction tube rubber lined standard steel
HFR508002790 508002790 Suction pipe arch with flap unlined
HFR508002790R 508002790R Suction pipe arch with flap rubber lined
HFR5046465 5046465 Deflector plate unlined
HFR424001 4240010 Seal (top of Nozzle box)
HFR5080019 5080019 Seal for tube in arch
HFR5080018 5080018 profile seal arch 
HFR4241000 4241000 GUIDE WHEEL
HFR4241010 4241010 BEARING HOUSING
HFR4170050 4170050 BEARING
HFR4240080 4240080 SWIVEL CASTOR
HFR5040050 5040050 FAN WHEEL
HFR2180225 2180225 ATOMIZER
HFR4240101 4240101 WHEEL COMPLETE
HFR5080020 5080020 MOUNTING RING
HFR518015 5180150 Water pump
HFR5180700 5180700 Water pump magnetic coupling
HFR424003 4240030 Spray nozzle
HFR404003 4040030 Rear Door Seal neoprene 7 m 

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