Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper spares

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper consumables

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper parts

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Speltech are established as suppliers to many leading original equipment manufacturers in the road sweeper spares industry. Also scrubber driers, shot blasting, transmission belts, minerals processing Target Backing Curtains and many other fields, our success is built on quality, service and performance. Road sweeper spares,Road sweeper parts,Johnston parts,Suction hoses,Rubber Seals Road sweeper spares | Johnston Parts Road sweeper spares | Road Sweeper Parts | Road sweeper spares | Johnston PartsRoad Sweeper Consumables
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Schmidt Sweepers

Speltech Part Number OEM Pt Number Product Description
HFO900110 15040081 Top Tank Seal SK150
HFO900120 15040060 Suction Stub Seal SK150
HFO900130 15041084 Triangular Hopper Lid Corner Seal SK150
HFO900140 15081120 Tank Cover Seal (16 mm) SK150
HFO900145 150801119 Cover Plate (mild Steel)
HFO900147 150811135 Cover Plate (Stainless Steel)
HFO900150 15041198 Rubber Cover (5 mm) SK150
HFO900160 15090130 Pick Up Skirt (Rubber) SK150
HFO900170 15090055 Skirt Extension (Nylon) SK150
HFO900175 0313975-5 Flap Suction nozzle
HFO900180 15090019 Slide Swingo & SK150
HFO900190   Flexible Rubber Hose (250 mm id x 1650 mm long)
HFO900195 17036435 Suction Tube Swingo
HFO900200 15090128 Flexible Hose (Plastic 1350 mm x 205 mm) Swingo & SK150
HFO900193   Littersnatch hose (150 mm id x 2.8 m long)
HFO900195 17036435 Suction Tube Swingo 205 x 1350
HFO900210 17039090 Pick Up Skirt (Rubber) Swingo
HFO900220 1026752-4 Flap Strap Swingo
HFO900230 15110215 Welded Pin 14 mm
HFO900240 15110287 M24 Ball Joint with Back Nut
HFO900250 17036012 Deflector Plate Swingo
HFO900260 17036065 Nylon Lid Shute Wear Plate
HFO900270 17036065N Nylon Lid Shute Wear Plate
HFO900280 17038014 Brush Motor Mount Plate
HFO900290 17038015 Brush Plate
HFO900300 17038017 T-Bar Brush Motor Carrier LH
HFO900310 17038018 T-Bar Brush Motor Carrier RH
HFO900320 17038050 Pivot Block
HFO900330 17038053 Brush Arm LH
HFO900340 17038054 Brush Arm RH
HFO900350 17039006 Suction Box Swingo
HFO900360 17039061 Hinge Flap Swingo
HFO900370 29039137 16 mm "A" Frame Pin
HFO900380 97600554 Recirculating (Submersible) Pump Complete
HFO900390 0224513-2 Bush
HFO900400 0230294-1 M18 Ball Joint with Back Nut
HFO900410 1006283-4 LH Nozzlebox Wear Plate
HFO900420 1006283-5 RH Nozzlebox Wear Plate
HFO900430 1006283-6 LH Blue Wear Cover
HFO900440 1006283-7 RH Blue Wear Cover
HFO900450 1006283-8 RH Wear Plate for Wheel
HFO900460 1006283-9 LH Wear Plate for Wheel Complete
HFO900470 1019844-9 Hopper Inlet Stub to Suction Tube
HFO900475 97702708 Fluid level sensor
HFO900480 1019849-4 Inlet Shroud Small
HFO900490 17036065st Stainless Steel Lid-Deflector Wearplate
HFO900500 17038015* Brush Plate with Quick Fit Slots
HFO900510 8" Nozwheel 8" Nozzle Box Caster Wheel (Modified)
HFO900520 CC195040 Recirculating Pump Only no Hydraulic Motor
HFO900525   Carbon Ceramic Seal
HFO900530 Hopper Plate Hopper Plate With PU Sealer - Swingo
HFO900540 ModNoz2 New Type Nozzle Box, Wear Plates, Wheels
HFO900550 ModNoz3 Pickup Nozzle Box Swingo 3 Wheels
HFO900560 98030080 Tube Clip
HFO900570 AxelKitNoz Axle Kit for Nozzle Box (Modified)
HFO900580 17515624 Steering Joints
HFO900590 17039015 A Frame Swingo
HFO975024 97502433 Hopper Seal (8 metres, per metre)

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