Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper spares

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper consumables

Road sweeper consumables, Road sweeper spares, Road sweeper parts,Road sweeper parts

Johnston Parts,Johnston Parts

Speltech are established as suppliers to many leading original equipment manufacturers in the road sweeper spares industry. Also scrubber driers, shot blasting, transmission belts, minerals processing Target Backing Curtains and many other fields, our success is built on quality, service and performance. Road sweeper spares,Road sweeper parts,Johnston parts,Suction hoses,Rubber Seals, Road Sweeper Consumables Road sweeper spares | Johnston Parts Road sweeper spares | Road Sweeper Parts | Road sweeper spares | Johnston Parts
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Semat A420 A450/550 HYD 2000 Amarine 2000

Speltech Part Number Semat Article Code Johnston Part Number Product Description Product Description (Speltec)
HFS105009 I6584 40901/1 Joint De Porte Arriere Seal Rubber Rear Door
HFC111203 I62260/2 62260/2 Jeu De Raclettes Buse Nozzle Rubber Set
HFS105603 I42409/2 42409/2 Joint 1290x1850 Seal Cowling
HFS107002 I5028 5028 Joint Caisson Buse Seal Inlet Tube
HFS106001 I42411 42411 Joint Seal Cowl Make Break
HFS105809 I42410 42410 Joint Seal Body Make Break
HFC111201 I121267 21266/7/8/1 Jeu Raclettes Buse D ou G 500 series Nozzle Rubber set
HFS106030 I21143 21143/1 Joint Caout. Caisson / Ventilat Seal Duct Front
HFS118206 I9699 9699 Joint Porte De Visite 310x385 Seal Rear Access Door
HFJ104803 I40780 40780/1 Genouillere Flexible Joint 6"
HFC113406 I63334/1 63334/1 Bavette Curtain Channel Brush
HFC105205 I40424/1 40424/1 Bavette 720 - 200 - 5 Curtain Chanel Brush
HFC106807 752052 40435/1 Bavette 40435 Mudflap 460x330
HFC106205 752053 40424/2 Bavette 40424 Curtain Channel Brush 725x220
HFC106206 I40252/1 40252/1 Bavette  Curtain Wide Sweep Brush 1086x147
HFC100302 I15688 GE5688 Disque Caoutchouc Disc Rubber 151

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